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Beauty Salon treatments Barry Vale of Glamorgan

We offer all the usual treatments you would expect at a beauty salon and a large range of Signature Treatments unique to The Secret Garden like The Thai Harmony (a  fabulous treatment involving element of shiatsu, reflexology and Thai Massage), The Winter Warmer (using warm candle wax and specialised oils) and The Fragrant Flower Escape (a wonderful massage using Frangipani tropical flower oil) .   The Pedi-Plus+ Pedicure which can transform even the most neglected feet, the treatment incorporates a traditional pedicure with high tech equipment that eliminates even the hardest of skin and thick cuticles.
Our Celebrity Brows are very popular, we use a high-precision procedure using a combination of threading, waxing, tinting and speciality eyebrow powder from the USA which is exclusive to The Secret  Garden of Beauty.