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Beauty Treatments

Signature Facials

All facials include a full skin analysis using traditional and oriental facial diagnosis and face, neck, shoulder, scalp, hand and arm massage.

The Secret Garden Signature Facial  –  55 mins  £35.00

This floral treatment is customised using flower extracts blended for your skins needs.

The Pre-Party Facial  –  55 mins  £35.00

Voted “The Very Best Pre-Party Facial in Wales” in WM MAGAZINE. Prepare your skin for that special occasion. This facial is specifically designed to brighten and revitalise your skin.

Organic Hot Chocolate Facial  –  55 mins  £35.00

Succumb to chocolate heaven. The Facial beings with a gentle cleanse, followed by an application of the Green & Black Dark Chocolate Masque which is heated to trigger the release of antioxidants from the cocoa and a pressure point massage. The face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands are then massaged with Shea Butter Balm.

The Organic Persian Rose Facial  –  55 mins  £38.00

Deeply relaxing and nourishing; this luxurious facial uses the rarest of essential oils Organic Persian Rose. The petals are hand-picked just before dawn, when the exquisite fragrance is at its best. Around 1200 roses are used to make just 1ml of essential oil!

Ayurvedic Facial & Body Treatments

Ayurveda is the traditional healing system of India, translated it means “Life Knowing” or the “Science of Life”. Ayurveda addresses the uniqueness if each individual by helping the body protect and heal itself. Our Ayurvedic massage treatments focus on specific marma points (energy points) that can influence bodily functions in a very nurturing way.

Traditional Ayurvedic Face-Lift Massage  –  55 mins  £35.00

A super method of helping to keep away wrinkles. The facial massage relaxes and tones the face muscles and stimulates the micro-circulation and the lymph flow, thereby promoting the regeneration of healthy younger looking skin.

De-Stress Ayurvedic Facial  –  55 mins  £35.00

This unique facial involves special massage techniques and the use of herb infused oils and face masques. It is highly effective in de-stressing the body and mind, whilst leaving your skin feeling beautifully smooth and fresh.

Re-Energise Ayurvedic Facial  –  55 mins  £35.00

An uplifting facial formulating to increase circulation at skin level with a stimulating massage to revitalise, energise and cleanse the skin.

Ayurvedic Massage with Jade

Ayurvedic Massage is an ancient massage technique which aims to create and restore harmony within the body. Practised widely in India, it is based on the practice on treating the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Excellent for fatigue, stress, anxiety, relieving pain and detoxification.
Using warm, personally selected herbal oils from India.

Ayurvedic Full Body Energy Flow Massage 90 mins    £48.00
Ayurvedic Full Body Energy Flow Massage  70 mins    £44.00
Ayurvedic Back Massage 55 mins    £35.00
Ayurvedic Lower Leg and Foot Massage       55 mins    £35.00
Lotus Package                                               
Ayurvedic Full Body Energy Flow
Massage & Ayurvedic Facial
110 mins £70.00

Bamboo Massage    

This treatment is the use of hollow organically treated bamboo canes that are warm.  A new style of warm bamboo massage, said to have originated in the South East Asia, described as a “hot stone massage with attitude”, it’s a new concept in deep tissue relaxation massage, said to help tensions melt away from the warmth of the bamboo, boost circulation and  lymphatic drainage.

The Bamboo cane replaces the therapist’s hands, and it is able to give a deeper, firmer massage. The cane is held by the Therapist and rolled over the muscle with the same strokes they would use with their hands. The muscle is the kneaded, which assists in the release of tension and easing of knots.

Bamboo Massage      55 mins   £35.00
Bamboo Massage      80 mins   £50.00

Natural Therapies

Benefits both to the body and the spirit and can relax and remove the stress of modern living.

Aromatherapy (organic) 25 mins £20.00
  55 mins £35.00
Reflexology   25 mins £18.00
  55 mins £32.00
Indian Head Massage 25 mins £18.00
  55 mins £32.00
Balinese Head Massage 25 mins £18.00
  55 mins £32.00


Body Massage Therapies

A variety of expert massages techniques for stress, reduction, relaxation and deep tissue detoxification. Traditional Swedish, neuromuscular and pressure point techniques to release acute muscle strains, tightness and soreness.
25 mins   £18.00
55 mins   £32.00
70 mins   £39.00  

Mother & Mother-to-be Treatments

Bumps A Daisy Pregnancy Range created by the Natural Spa Company.  The range includes gentle sweet almond oil, wheatgerm oil, neroli, mandarin, rose and bitter orange.

Pregnancy can be a physically and psychologically stressful time. Enjoy wonderfully safe, nurturing, muscle-easing, leg-lightening, skin-elasticising maternity and post-pregnancy treatment.

Bumps A Daisy £39.50

A completely relaxing full body massage using our safe, but effective pre-natal technique and specialist oils and lotions created especially for pregnant clients. 3 months+

4th Trimester Healing Time  –  55 mins     £32.00
Is your baby is here and you are in need of a little rejuvenation? This restorative massage treatment helps your body realign as you remember how to be one person again. Sometimes new mothers need a little mothering too! This is the perfect present for new Mamas.

Conception & Maternity Reflexology  55 mins £32.00 (Course of treatments are recommend)

Maternity Reflexology is a branch of Reflexology aimed specially at women during pre-conception, pregnancy, labour and the post-natal period.  Our Reflexology Expert has received specialist training.

Dermalogica Body Treatments

Purifying Back Treatment  –  55 mins     £35.00

This treatment is the ideal stand-alone service for clients who need the benefits of both stress relief and purification on their backs. Even one treatment will leave the skin smooth, whilst helping to combat any breakout activity and relax the muscles. A deep-cleansing scrub is followed by extractions and then an aromatherapy massage designed for your back’s most stressed-out parts.

Hot Stone Massage

The latest extension of massage techniques is designed to relax the body at its deepest level.

25 mins     £25.00
40 mins     £30.00
55 mins     £35.00
70 mins     £42.00


Full dry body brush, exfoliation, and lymphatic drainage massage using heated stones.

Day Dream  –  70 mins     £38.50
Lavender, Jasmine & Orange Blossom

Fresh Zest  –  70 mins     £38.50
Ginger, Grapefruit & Orange

Thai Harmony with Jade

Full Body Massage  –  70 mins     £38.50

The treatment involves elements of shiatsu, reflexology, Thai massage and yoga. Incorporating hand-one stretching, massage, stimulation of the reflex points and follows the Thai energy lines. This treatment produces a unique feeling of balance, relaxation and well-being. (Healing can be combined with treatment on request).
Please wear comfortable loose clothing

ZOYA colour lock Manicure

ZOYA’s unique colour lock system surrounds colour with a protective barrier against moisture and polish damage. Eliminates polish lifting, bubbling, chipping and UV damage. Making manicures and pedicures last an amazing 50% longer.

ZOYA is available in the worlds best Salons, Spas and Resorts. Continually receiving praise and awards from Top Magazines like Glamour and Vogue.

The Secret Garden Manicure – Cuticle Work, Shape and Polish Colour £14.50
  French Polish  £15.50
 The Secret Garden Pedicure Cuticle Work, Shape and Polish or French  £28.00
Sparkle Pedicure 
Cuticle work, file and polish, with diamanté application



Pedi-Plus+ with Amanda  –  55 mins  –  £38.00
Advanced pedicure which incorporates all the benefits of a traditional Secret Garden pedicure, with a gentle acid peel and high tech equipment that will eliminate your hard skin and thick cuticle

Make-Up Studio

We have a dedicated Make-Up Studio using MacPro; Bobbi Brown; Urban Decay & Stila Cosmetics.

Make-Up 60 mins £35.00

On your wedding day you should want to look and feel your absolute best. Your bridal make-up should enhance your features so you look like yourself at your most radiant and beautiful. We will create a make-up that has timeless appeal that will look great on your special day in photographs for years to come.

Wedding & Make-Up Trail £70.00 (two hours)

Celebrity Brows

For the perfect brow shape. For highly defined brows from even the most over plucked brows, this high-precision procedure transforms even the most plucked brow into it’s perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features using a combination of threading, waxing, tinting and speciality eyebrow make-up.

Initial Consultation 25 mins £20
Initial Consultation 15 mins  £12


Threading hair is an ancient method of hair removal commonly practised in Easter Countries.
An anti-bacterial cotton thread is pulled along hair in a twisting motion, to rap hair in a mini lasso and lifts hair right out of the follicles.

Eyebrow Threading £8.50
Eyebrow Thread & Tint £10.00
Lip £7.50
Lip, Chin and Neck £15.00
Whole Face  £20.00

Eye Treatments

Highlight your eye zone area for a beautiful, natural look.

Brow Shape 10 mins  £ 7.00
Brow Tint*  10 mins  £ 6.00
Brow Tidy & Tint* 15 mins  £ 9.00
Eyelash Tint* 20 mins £15.00
Brow & Lash Tint* 20 mins £16.00
Eyelash/Brow Tint & Shape 30 mins £18.00

Treatment Note: 48 hour patch test required.


Using Tea Tree wax renowned for its natural anaesthetic and antiseptic properties, with a low melting point for a more comfortable application and removal.

Full Leg  45 mins   £20.00
¾ Leg  15 mins   £12.50
Half Leg 15 mins   £10.50
Bikini Sides 10 mins  £7.00
Bikini Sides & Top 10 mins  £8.50
Hot French Wax Brazilian Bikini 40 mins £25.00
Hot French Wax Hollywood Bikini 40 mins £25.00
Australian Bikini 30 mins  £18.00
Hot French Wax

Las Vegas Sparkle Bikini
also known as Vajazzle

40 mins   £28.00
Underarm                       10 mins   £6.00
Forearm 15 mins   £12.00
Back    30 mins  £18.00
Brow & Lip   10 mins  £10.00
Lip OR Chin    10 mins  £5.00
Lip & Chin 10 mins   £7.00
Brow        10 mins   £7.00

Boutique Retreat

Enjoy a few hours of pure relaxation in our dedicated Sunflower package room and Lavender Relax Room. Wrapped in a fluffy robe and slippers, after your treatments enjoy some peace and quiet in our Lavender Relax with a scrumptious hot chocolate!

illy of the Valley       £85.00
Bridal Package (Bride, Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride/Groom)
Pre-Party Facial
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (25 min)
ZOYA colour lock French manicure
Eyebrow shape and tint and eyelash tint (48 hour patch test required)

Forget-Me-Not          £100.00
Birthday, Anniversary, Thank You Package
The Secret Garden Signature Facial (55 min)
Hot Stone Back, Neck and Shoulder (25 min)
ZOYA colour lock pedicure
ZOYA colour lock manicure

Sunflower Pregnancy Package    £75.00
The Secret Garden Signature Pregnancy Facial (55 min)
Pregnancy Back, Neck and Shoulder (25 min)
ZOYA colour lock Pedicure

Red Roses   110 mins   £70.00
A lovely alternative to chocolates and flowers, choose between a beautiful Organic Persian Rose Facial and Aromatherapy Massage.


Organic Hot Chocolate Facial and a Shea Butter Body Massage.

Bluebell      125 mins    £78.00
Be the “Bell of the Ball” with this fabulous pre-party package.
Pre-Party Facial (voted the best Pre-Party Facial in Wales by WM Magazine). ~
ZOYA colour lock manicure and pedicure

Lotus 110 minutes   £70.00
Combining the powerful blends of Ayurvedic herbal oils and specialist massage techniques.
Facial and Body treatment

Seasonal Collections

Spring/Summer Sensation   70 mins   £38.00
This fabulous body treatment starts with a full body dry brush, exfoliating body scrub and finishing with an energising massage that improves the lymph flow, detoxifies and revitalises the entire body.

Autumn/Winter Rescue     70 mins    £38.00
Using a warm blend of oils, this treatment is devised to boost your immune system to help fight off infection and warm and soothe your muscles from head to toe.

30 minutes Hot Stone Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
25 minute Lymphatic Drainage Facial
15 minute Reflexology.

Winter Warmer 55 mins £35

This treatment has been designed for the back, neck, shoulders and feet – using warm Soya-bean Massage Candles that have been carefully blended using only pure essential oils and natural plant waxes.