Covid 19 Update

The Secret Garden of Beauty  – COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy


As you are probably aware and we certainly hope you see on every visit to us in the past, that we take health, hygiene and safety very seriously at The Secret Garden of Beauty, this is not a new thing, we have always done it since day one.


The risk of cross-infection has always been a great concern for beauty salons, so we thought we would take the opportunity to put your minds at rest, just in case you were not aware of what we have and always will do automatically and the additional protocols we will be putting in place to keep us all extra safe.


We can assure you we will be adhering strictly to the Government Protocol that will be outlined for Beauty Salons and will keep you informed of any changes along the way.


We will provide you with a safe environment that complies with guidelines issued by Government and our Local Authority. 










We have carried out a detail Risk Assessment in line will Government Covid19 protocol for opening.


We have undertaken a thorough review of our salon and the services we offer. 


The salon will have a full deep clean weekly by a professional cleaning company. *


Daily clean by our team. *


We have conducted training to ensure all team members care for our customers in a safe, hygienic and professional manner. *


Enhanced hygiene measures will be maintained.*




To adhere to Social Distancing Protocol.


Our Reception area will be closed to clients for the foreseeable future.


Appointments will only be taken by phone and pre-payment is requested upon booking.


Reception will be taking bookings by phone only – Monday-Friday 9am-1pm.




All staff will have a Health Check prior to starting work every shift, including a Temperature Check.


All therapists have completed a certified and accredited qualification in Control of Cross-infection in a Post-COVID-19 World and are Dermalogica Clean Touch Certified which is a globally recognised qualification.


All therapists have been trained to adapt each treatment to uphold best practice, including hygiene and safety.


Risk Assessments performed and documented for each treatment. 




We have Risk Assessed your ‘Client Journey’’.


Clients are requested to arrive at allotted appointment time.


Clients are requested to arrive alone unless chaperone is needed.


Clients are requested to use our touch-free Hand Sanitiser on arrival.


‘Verbal Health Check’ for all Clients before entrance to salon.


Clients are requested to wear a mask or visor  on arrival. 


Therapists will wear Visor at all times.


Client will be greeted warmly, but without a handshake or personal contact.


We will stagger clients arrival times to minimise close contact.


We will escort Clients straight to the treatment room.




Our Clients  Health Check – 


“If you or anyone you have been in contact with in the past 14 days is now showing signs of any of following symptoms – high temperature, a new or continuous cough, a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, runny nose or congestion, nausea and/or diarrhoea or are unwell, please ring and cancel your appointment”.


Whilst every effort will be taken to make the treatment environment as safe as possible, please be aware of the risks involved, particularly if you or a family member are in the Governments High Risk Category, please contact your GP who will clarify whether you can receive treatments safely.




Therapist will change at the salon into a clean uniform each shift. Therapists are not allowed to wear their uniform out of salon environment. 


Full PPE for Therapists as appropriate,  following Government guidelines (laundered uniform, visor and disposable apron).


Therapists Hand Hygiene will follow NHS hand washing guidelines. *


Hand sanitiser freely available in each room and shared spaces.*


Gloves for waxing, manicures and pedicures.*


Manicure & Pedicure – ONE USE ONLY files, buffers and cuticle sticks, these are given to the client or disposed of immediately after use.*


Disposable paper cups for clients water.


We will ensure adequate ventilation, throughout the salon. All rooms are well ventilated, with adequate fresh air circulation.*


Treatment room sanitation protocol

After every client appointment, thorough cleanse of chairs, workstations, door handles and any other surfaces that they may have touched. We have factored in extra appointment time to allow for this.


All items of equipment will be sterilised before and after every treatment, this includes all metal instruments. *


Couch cover protocol*

Clean face shields, towels and sheets for every client (washed at 60 degrees) and Disposable bed roll.


Laundry protocol *

Washed at 60 degrees



Hands free soap dispenser.

Paper towel dispenser in bathroom.



 If you have any questions or would like more details of the above measures, please contact Aldene at [email protected]   *What we have Always done.


Aldene Thomas

The Secret Garden of Beauty