Spa Specialties

Floral Facial

Using beautiful blends of aromatherapy essential oils and floral waters.
This gorgeous treatment begins with a warm floral oil back, neck and shoulder massage to ease tension and aid total relaxation.The Facial combines wonderful floral products with specialised massage techniques to address signs of stress and tension that can have a negative effect on our skins appearance.

70 minutes only £41.50

‘Trilogy’ Signature Treatment 70 mins £41.50

The treatment begins with a relaxing foot massage combined with Reflexology that will help the body to restore balance. A specialised tummy massage is a perfect way to help the digestion flow more naturally and can also help relieve any discomfort created by stress-related conditions. The treatment continues with a deeply relaxing scalp, neck, shoulder and massage with acupressure on the face. 

‘Fragrant Flower Escape’ – 70 mins £41.50

With wonderful Frangipani tropical flower oil massage is pure indulgence and smells Devine.

‘The Secret Garden Butterfly Dream’ 110 mins £73

Facial and Full Body Massage combo for complete relaxation.

‘Buttered Bliss’ –  55 mins £36.50

Full body Massage with warm body butter. Aloe for a sensitive skin and Coco for a dry skin.