Foot Health Clinic


We sometimes neglect our feet and may not give them as much attention as we would our face or hands. While beautiful nail colours and smooth heels make us feel wonderful, it is crucial that our feet function properly too for everyday living. This is where our expertise can help with delivery  of individual, tailored foot care for a range of foot-related problems using specialist equipment is available.

Our foot care extends to diabetic and elderly clients who require regular maintenance.

Treatments available:

PediMed Maintenance – £22 for 30 minutes

Developed to help problematic feet, such as nail trimming, hard skin removal, ingrowing toe nails, corn removal and help and treatment advice on athlete’s foot, verruca and fungal nail infection.

PediPlus+ Advanced – £40 for 55 minutes

The added luxury of a sumptuous pedicure including exfoliation, massage and nail painting (colour or French) along with full feet maintenance and foot care service included in the PediMed Maintenance.

Other Treatments Offered:-

Corn Removal

Treatment of Fungal Nail Infection

Ingrowing Toe Nail

Diabetic Foot Care

Callus & Hard Skin Removal

Thick Nails Reduced

Verruca Removal

Athlete’s Foot Advice