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LOVEGROVE Essential Facial (NEW)

55 mins £39.50

A profoundly relaxing experience, the whole body is gently positioned, from the feet to the head, for maximum release. A thorough cleanse is followed by a herbal exfoliation treatment. Depending on your skin type, different organic ingredients are selected and freshly prepared to deep clean, hydrate, calm, nourish or balance your skin. The deep massage for the face, neck and shoulders penetrates the skin, working holistically to nourish the cells and release deep-seated stress and tension. To settle the skin and refine the pores, the Aromatic Face Mask is followed by a soothing floral organic Toning Mist. The whole treatment encourages sense of peace and stability and is finished with Lovegrove Essentials Moisture Cream, enriched with precious essential oils of Rose and Neroli, to leave you feeling deeply rested, calm and radiant.